Are You Taking Your Feet for Granted?

Are You Taking Your Feet for Granted?

Get the care you need at Casco Bay Podiatry

Casco Bay Podiatry has a two-part focus. First, we want to give you an accurate diagnosis for your problem. Then we want to provide you with the best possible treatment. When you come in for a podiatry appointment, Dr. Dwight Blease will perform an exam. He’ll ask you questions about your ailment and discuss possible treatment options.

Tell your primary care physician about Casco Bay Podiatry today to get a referral.

Find healing through our podiatry services

Podiatry services include any type of medical foot and ankle care. Casco Bay Podiatry can perform:

  • Skin lesion biopsies
  • Nail surgery
  • Wart surgery
  • Biomechanical assessments
  • Gait and stance analyses
  • Homeopathic therapy
  • Naturopathic therapy
We perform surgery at our office or at the hospital. For more information on the type of podiatry services we perform, call 207-725-2800.